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Milyon88 – Giving away free play with Free 100 no turnover Bonus

Milyon88 best online casino in the Philippines

Milyon88 Free 100 No TURNOVER Bonus!

Milyon88 Online casino
offers a wide range of exciting and fun online casino games!
 Giving away free play with Free 100 no turnover Bonus

Why Should you play at Milyon88?

“It’s a trusted place for millions of players!” 

Milyon88 online casino was established in 2022 and offers a mix of trendy and classic online casino games. Essentially, it mainly focuses on bringing Filipino-designed games to the world of gaming that are geared toward Filipinos’ favorite all-time casino games.

Online Casino that offers you a wide variety of games that are fun and exciting to play such as online slot games, tong-it’s, pusoy, fishing games, sabong or cockfighting, bingo, live games,  live sports such as: basketball (NBA& PBA) & volleyball,  lotteries and other mini games that you will love!

Regardless of your skill level, there is always a limitless number of games to choose from. Games are designed with themes that are suited to the personalities and types of players.

For Filipino players, you will enjoy thousands of slot games on one platform! Milyon88 offers 2,700+ slot games from different top world class gaming providers on one platform.

What is Milyon88 Offering?

  1. 24×7 friendly and professional customer service.
  2. Various and convenient payment options for Filipino players.
  3. Available Promos & Bonuses for new and loyal players and awesome bonuses that are new and trendy every season.
  4. Have an authentic “Pinoy Favorite games section”.
  5. Filipino-designed and trendy games from the best gaming software providers.

Milyon88 Online Casino has this unique feature.
It’s all about what Pinoy players want. Filipinos’ all-time favorites are included in this section.

” Pinoy Favorites games section”

Pinoy favorites game section at Milyon88

How to Register at  Milyon88? 

  milyon88 how to register

  1. How to Register?
    Registering for a membership requires some personal info. Then you can become VIP 1.

  • Click and enter the “Register” page.

  • Complete your information.

  • Confirm if your data is correct

  • Submit the application.

  • Now you are VIP 1.

VIP 1 members can deposit money and play games.
Upgrade to VIP 2 if you want to withdraw.

    2. How to Apply for a Register Bonus?
  “Why can’t I apply for a Free bonus?” If you have this question, please upgrade your level to VIP 2

  • Visit “Member Center” and click “Profile”.

  • Provide your bank / GCash to upgrade your level.

  • Received an OTP to verify your account.

  • You have successfully become VIP 2.

  • The free bonus is automatically in your wallet. It means you join the Register promotion.

  • You can visit our promotion page to understand the rules.
     You are VIP 2 now. Click on the “Promotions” section.

   3. How to Apply for Promotion?
    Please make sure you are VIP 2 first.

  • Visit Promotion page

  • Check the promotion that you want to join.

  • Click “Join” and enter a verification code.

  • Now you are in promotion.

  1. Why Can’t I Join a Promotion?

  • Check if you are up to VIP 2.

  • Check if you are in another promotion.

  • Check the rules of the promotion. Some promotions have certain rules that are only for qualified players.

  • Check if the promotion applied needs CS approval.

    5. How to withdraw?

  • Visit “Cash Center” and click “Withdrawal”.

  • Fill-in your password and how much you want to cash-out, then check your account number is correct.

  • Submit your request. Usually, the transaction takes 3~20 minutes.


casino payment options

Best in Multiple Payment Options

  For Milyon88 players: By maximizing your payment options, not just one, you can unlock exclusive bonuses and rewards.

gcash ssbet77

1. Gcash – Most Popular!

It is the most popular choice for many players in the Philippines. Min. Deposit is 50 ~ 100PHP.

maya e wallet logo

2. Maya – Offer Exclusive Bonuses 

In cases of instability with Gcash e-wallet, it is highly recommended. Min. Deposit is 50 PHP.

grab pay at betso88

3. Grab Pay

It’s higher than the minimum.The deposit is 300 PHP.

bank payment betso88

4. Bank

Higher than minimum. A 500 PHP deposit is required.

usdt online casino

5. USDT / Crypto

A fair minimum. The deposit is 100 PHP.

711 payment online casino

6. 7-11

A fair minimum is required. The deposit is 200 PHP. Visit the nearest store and pay cash.

Online casino Promotions

Latest Milyon88 Promotions Welcome Bonus

Promotional tag: 
New Members Only!

Milyon88 – Giving away free play with Free 100 no turnover Bonus

(FC, JILI, YB) Become Member Bet FREE 100 PHP

⭐️ Register to earn 100 PHP ⭐️

Milyon88 – Giving away free play with Free 100 no turnover Bonus

Ang sosobra sa MAXIMUM WITHDRAW  during promotion ay AUTOMATIC na mawawala once i-unlock ang promotion 

🎁 How to Join 🎁

👉🏼 Just register an account on MILYON88.INFO

👉🏼 Promotion for YB , FC & JILI Slot & Fishing Game

👉🏼 Complete your personal information and bind payment for deposit and withdrawal.

👉🏼 After completing the information, your membership will automatically be upgraded to VIP2.

👉🏼 The PHP 100 will be automatically credited to your account.

👉🏼 You can join the free bonus promotion on the promotion page, there are a lot of benefits

Other Promotions:

Seasonal Promos at Milyon88

Limited Time offer:

Seasonal Promos at Milyon88 

Popular Slots games at Milyon88

There are over 2,700+ Slot games available

Enjoy thousands of slot games on one platform! Milyon88 offers more than 2,700+ slot games from different top gaming providers worldwide. Gaming provider Jili has been in the gaming industry for a long time. It has established a reputation for providing high quality and thrilling slots that dominate Asian online gambling. 

Top slot games from Jili for Pinoy players are Super Ace, Boxing King, Golden Empire, Fortune Gems, and Charge Buffalo slots. There are lots more from thirty five (35) best software gaming providers in the world.

JILI LOGOjili super ace slotBoxing king slot
golden empire slot jiliFortune Gemscharge buffalo slot

Casino Tips & Announcements 

New Payment Options at Milyon88 with Bonus

maya e wallet logo

Try NEW any Payment Options: Banking, 711, PayMaya, & Grab Pay

Maya Registration Step-by-Step

Step1: Visit the PayMaya or Download the PayMaya APP.
Go to the PayMaya website ( or download the PayMaya app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
google play storeStep2: Click the “Sign Up” button  to create a new account.
Fill in your personal information, including your name, mobile number, and email address. Set up your account password and security questions.

Step3: Enter a verification code.
Verify your mobile number by entering the verification code that will be sent to your phone via SMS. 
You have a PayMaya account successfully!

Don’t forget to use your new account to join our new promotion. These are only for players using PayMaya and other payment methods players. 
Maximize your payment options and get PHP 300 bonus.

Why Choose Milyon88

Why Choose Milyon88?



Providing 24/7 Customer support with a variety of contact options such as Live chats, Mail and FAQ  needed is made ready available for Filipino users. A team of professionals who are always happy and ready to assist customers with any game related questions at all times.




It gives you a chance to play for free as a try out and extend your potential gaming experience. 

It is advised that players must understand how to apply for all promotions to avoid mistakes before moving onto other promotions.




 It’s one of the most significant factors players look for. Fast and hassle free payment method that benefits both players and the casino itself.

Proven safe and reliable at all times. In the Philippines, G-Cash is one of the fastest ways to send money and withdraw cash. Although it would be better if there were also other ways to deposit and withdraw money.

Options make customers happier.  Take advantage of Milyon88’s payment options. Payment options include Paymaya, USDT, bank transfers through UB Bank, GrabPay, 7-Eleven, and crypto currencies.

Milyon88 Online casino

 FAQs at MILYON88 

A. Milyon88 is a legit online gambling platform in the Philippines. Offers a mix of classic and trendy online casino games tailored for Filipino players like slots, e-sabong, tongits, bingo, poker, live casino games, and sports betting.

A. To register for a membership, you must provide some personal information. Then you can become VIP1.

  • Click and enter the “Register” page.
  • Complete your information.
  • Confirm if your data is correct.
  • Submit the application.
  • Now you are VIP1.

A. Yes, you can play many of the games at Milyon88 for free in demo mode or by Play for fun. Take a look at these games before you play with real money.

If you are a newbie player, take advantage of the welcome bonus promotion to play for free. Just register and apply for a free bonus:)

 A. It varies depending on the game and the specific betting options you choose. The minimum bet is usually pretty low, so everyone can play.

It usually starts from 0.05 (50¢) to 1000 PHP in slots and fishing games.

  •  Log in to your account.
  • Visit “Cash Center” and click “Deposit” 
  • Use Gcash payment to enjoy minimum deposit 50 PHP 
  • You can choose from a variety of payment methods. However, an e-wallet like GCash is the most convenient way.
  • Visit “Cash Center” and click “Withdrawal”
  • Fill out your password and how much you want to cash out, then check your account number is correct.
  • Submit your request. Usually, the transaction takes 3~20 minutes.

Please make sure you are VIP2 first.

  • Visit the Promotion page.
  • You should check the promotion you are interested in joining.
  • Click “Join” and enter a verification code.
  • Now you can enjoy the promotion by following the steps provided.
  • Check if you are up to VIP2
  • Check if you are in another promotion.
  • Check the rules of the promotion. Some promotions have certain rules that are only for qualified players.
  • Check if CS needs to approve the promotion.
milyon88 LOGO

Milyon88: Legitimate Reviews 2024:
Advantages and Disadvantages

We at Uno1bet, are professional reviewers of any casino that meets and certifies the standards set by Gambling Lab International (GLI). We aim to provide the highest quality information about I-gaming by offering unbiased reviews of online casinos. As an experienced gambler himself.
Milyon88 is the best online casino available in the Philippines right now, and we recommend it.
Milyon88 casino gives you a free 100 no turnover bonus as a welcome bonus. Among today’s casinos, this is their unique promo.
Their 24/7 customer support includes live chat, e-mail and FAQs to answer all your questions. They offer multiple payment options with a bonus if you try not only the famous GCash such as Maya, 7-Eleven, Grabpay, UB Bank transfer & USDT Crypto coins. This will give you a choice that suits the lifestyle of their customers and offers hassle-free cash-in/cash-out. They also have remarkable numbers of online slot games over 2,700 plus to make players never get bored. They also properly chose games that match Filipino preferred casino games. The only thing that we did not like about Milyon88, they are only can be played in the Philippine market only. It might be that they are focused on serving Filipino players and not the overseas players.

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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21+age of gambling in the Philippines

Here’s a friendly reminder:

In the Philippines, individuals must be at least 21 years old to engage in gambling activities legally.

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