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   Providing Latest News: The website would offer up-to-date information on local and international casino news or games from international gaming providers, including new game releases, useful gamblers’ tool APP 
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     This website would act as a comprehensive resource for Filipino players, helping them navigate the world of gambling with well-researched information and promoting a safer, more enjoyable gaming experience.


Hottest Casino Games Recommended

The hottest casino games

Pragmatic Play Top 5 High RTP Slot : 2024 Best PP Slots

Mala-Sailormoon themed na slot sa casino???

Anime-Inspired Theme: “Starlight Princess” slots which is huge casino game including in the Philippines. Fans of anime culture will love the colorful graphics and whimsical characters.

Earn Real Money by Playing Online Color Games at Philippine Casinos

Vibrant colors and engaging visuals enhance the overall experience.
Play Online Color games real money!

Play Color game Online and choose what suits you either Color game Live or Color game in animation form both promises to earn real money.

SG Adult Slot 


Hentai WILD

Ready to play an “Erotic” slot?

Slots with erotic themes might appeal to adults seeking a different kind of entertainment. Having unusual themes are fun for some people.

There’s something appealing about
“First Love” slot game for men. It’s best for more mature players.
There’s an erotic theme to this game, it’s set in a classroom, and the symbols match the sexy tools of love.

first love slot

Are you ready to play Greek Mythology stories in Online slots?

Who are not familiar with the famous battle of Perseus vs. Medusa?
Check out Legend of Perseus online slot.


It’s Christmas Time!

For some Filipinos who were nations with early and long preparations for X’mas.

  With symbols of gift-sharing, surprises, and seasons of hope and happiness, the enchanting world of Christmas Bonanza” slot will add and fill the air with the holiday themed and light feeling that gives the spirit of excitement for those players who love slots. Christmas slot game like this could lighten up your mood!

Get into the holiday spirit! 
Play these Christmas-themed slot machines

relax gaming interface

Insane jackpot in a slot game?

Here is the latest news in casino games particularly in slots.

Introducing Money Train 4  Slot

It’s like a bingo in slots, you’ll win 150,000x multipliers if you hit the generous jackpot in Money Train 4 by Relax Gaming.  That’s right, you heard it right!  This game is gaining popularity  in Western countries, particularly in Europe like Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and other countries in North America due to highest possibilities of winnings.

Up to 150,000X Multipliers

Watch Money Train 4 : Gameplay in PH Casino

Money Train Slot game series: Money Train 1, 2, 3, & 4

Up to 20,000X Max

Up to 50,000X Max

Up to 100,000X Max

The popularity started with money train slot 1 in 2019 and it continued to grow until the final series, money train 4, was just released in 2023.

Which did not lessen the expectations from the avid fans which is offering the highest multipliers of 150,000x jackpot and features among the other money train series.

Ready to spin and be one of the lucky ones to hit 150,000x? Now you can play on selected online casino platforms in the Philippines.


Important Note: This game presents the biggest jackpot compared to other online slots currently in circulation. However, you should be aware that this game has high volatility, which means it has a higher level of risk.

Hot Topics in Casinos

Be Updated in Online Casino

be aware at these following Online casinos in the Philippines gacash banned
g cash online casinos banned

Philippines Gcash Online Casino Alert

Updated date: 09-12-2023

Beware: Here’s the latest news from Casino Philippines about Gcash. Keep your gaming experience fun and safe. Be aware!

The following 6 Online casinos are:



Gcash Casino



Mega Casino World

Bonus Busters: Best tool for Playing Online Slot games

This July 2023, Uno1bet launched the brand-new AI Bonus Calculator for free use for all players around the world.

To access the AI calculator click on the link.

Try it NOW!

bonus busters AI calculator
Bonus Buster bonus turnover calculator
bonus busters calculator casino
Bonus busters AI Calculator statistics

Source: Data Statistics of Bonus Buster AI Calculator tool – 95.4% accuracy

Introducing Bonus Busters, the ultimate AI-based bonus calculator for casino players. It is a brand new technology – a simple designed, yet powerful tool for our beloved Uno1bet fellow subscribers who continue to believe in us.
We are giving it for free to use and privilege for our Filipino subscribers and gamblers around the world.

Bonus Busters AI calculator has been trained on tons of data statistics to achieve 95.4% accuracy.

UNO1BET‘s aim is to be informed by the newest iGaming technology. For us, to share with fellow gamblers the latest knowledge about gambling developments.

To be able to offer unbiased gaming reviews and recommendations to fellow Filipino players and gamblers around the globe, we developed Bonus Busters AI tool for gamblers who are seeking the truth and wide information about gambling today!

Uno1betin londonIceshow2023
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  UNO1BET, made it and got to attend the biggest exhibition held at ExceL London, England.

Uno1bet Team: 
In London Ice Show 2023

London Ice Show 2023
The Biggest show ever!

Exhibition and association of international community of Igaming professionals of the gaming industry in the world.

 Clarion Gaming, the owner and organizer of ICE London 2023, has confirmed that this year’s show – running from 7 to 9 February at ExCeL London – will be the largest ever!

 At least 158 countries visitors are expected to attend ICE London in 2023, while exhibitors plan around 3,000 brand-new product launches. The Softgamings will also present in the event the turnkey white label casino solutions, which include all top games providers under a single integration, licensing options,and banking solutions and more.

 ICE events cater to all gaming types, all levels of seniority, and all aspirations, which is the aim of said event. There is something for everyone at these shows. 

The event occupied a record 51,466 square meters of net space, beating the previous high of 49,690 set in 2020. The international community of 35,000+ gaming pioneers. (source: inside Asian gaming news).


The opportunity to be a part of the biggest event for the iGaming industry is an honor for us. This was a historic moment for the iGaming sector to collaborate despite the fact that there is a pandemic at the moment. The event brings together pioneers, developers, operators, distributors, and professionals in the iGaming industry.

At the pioneers, we get a chance to get new insights into the latest offerings from the exhibitors. Learning about new products that enhance our insights and build relationships with gaming professionals. We believe that our newly acquired learnings will enable us to provide better judgements and recommendations.



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