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Pinas CRAZY TIME LIVE| Be the next BIGTIME Winner!

Fun and unique game show with four exciting bonus games and crazy multipliers!

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CRAZY TIME: LIVE Casino Game Reviews

It’s Crazy Time’s biggest win that makes it so popular! A fast-paced and exciting live casino game and “Dream Catcher money wheel” concept by Evolution Gaming, a producer of world class live casino games. 

Crazy time live game is an entertaining game that you can try your luck at. There are many reasons why live games are better than other online casino games, including the fact that they guarantee fairness and are entertained by a live host. 

With its unique gameplay and four bonus games. Crazy Time makes it even more exciting and fun to watch until the end! You can feel the adrenaline rush while playing Crazytime.

In general, Crazy Time is a popular choice among other live casino games because it’s entertaining, interactive, accessible, and has big payouts make it appealing more to the players not only in the Philippines but, across the world.


CRAZY TIME – Over all Ratings


Ratings: 12.0 out of 30 votes


Crazy Time – Demo Play

CRAZY TIME | Main Game & Four Bonuses

Crazytime – Main Game

Play the main game and the four bonus games to get the crazy, action-packed gameplay. It’s easy to play, since players just pick numbers (1, 2, 5 or 10) and or play bonus games. 

Two bonus games give players a choice that’s extra exciting – they won’t always win the same thing!

The crazy, all-action gameplay revolves around the main game round and the four bonus games. Here are the four bonus games in Crazy Time:

1. Cash Hunt:

cash hunt

 Cash Hunt: Is a shooting gallery-style game with a whopping 108 random multipliers. You pick a target on the screen, and then the cannon fires a random multiplier. The player selects the target where they believe the largest multiplier is hiding.

2. Coin Flip:

coin flip

Coin Flip: The live host flips a coin, and players guess whether it’ll land on red or blue. The winning bets receive a multiplier. It’s a 50/50 chance… what will it be? Red or blue?

3. Pachinko


Pachinko: The live host drops a puck down a Pachinko-style board, and the puck lands on a random multiplier. The player’s bet is then multiplied by this number.

4. Crazy Time Bonus game:

crazytime bonus

Crazy Time: The most lucrative bonus game, Crazy Time, is triggered when the wheel lands on the designated Crazy Time segment.

Players enter a virtual game show studio, where they spin a wheel to determine their prize.

crazytime red door

Inside a virtual game show studio

crazytime bonus

The game presenter starts the wheel by pushing a big red button. When the wheel comes to a stop, the player wins the multiplier where the flapper points. If a flapper points to a ‘DOUBLE’ or TRIPLE’ value on the wheel, all the multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the wheel will spin again.

Play Crazytime on your devices

Remember to always gamble responsibly and within your means.

There are billions of players around the world playing crazy time, which is a big “craze”. Be the next of the lucky players to win prizes and with a high payout of 96.08%.

For Filipino players, these two reliable online casinos offer live games from Evolution Gaming such as Crazytime, Baccarat and a bunch of more.

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Step-by-step instructions for playing

Crazy Time – Evolution

  1. Become a member of any reputable online casino that offers Crazy Time.
  2. Upon signing up and making a deposit, navigate to the game lobby and select “LIVE GAME” and search for Crazy Time Evolution.
  3. When the game loads, you will see a live stream of the game with a host and a large spinning wheel.
  4. Place your bets by selecting your desired chip value and clicking on the segment(s) on the betting grid that you want to bet on. You can bet on one or more segments and you can also place side bets on the four bonus rounds.
bet on crazytime

5. Once the betting time is over, the host will spin the wheel, and if it lands on the segment(s) you bet on, you win a payout based on the segment’s odds.

crazy time multiplier

6. If the wheel lands on one of the four bonus rounds – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time bonus – you can participate in the bonus round and win additional payouts.

7. During the bonus rounds, follow the instructions provided by the host to play the game and win prizes.

8. After the bonus round is complete, the game will return to the main wheel, and betting will resume for the next round.

Please remember to gamble within your means, and avoid spending more than you can comfortably afford.



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