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PG Soft Slots: High RTP & Best PG Soft games with a Free 100 Bonus

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Introduction to PG Soft Slots

 Welcome to the exciting world of PG Soft Slots, where you can win big from the comfort of your own home. PG Slots has a bunch of popular slot games with different themes and features. Asia is growing fast, including players from the Philippines & Western markets.
No matter, whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner. Here are some legit reviews of PG Soft slots that could help you to know more about PG slot games advantage and disadvantages. 

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Overall PG Soft Slots Ratings:
PG Slots Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of Jdb slots


PG Soft Slots: High RTP & Best PG Soft games with a Free 100 Bonus
Entertaining 86%
Maximum Wins 89%
Mobile Friendly 92%
Graphics & Animations 90%
Customization 80%
Advanced Technology 87%
  • Entertaining

     Slot games from PG can be a form of entertainment and relaxation for those looking for a way to pass the time or unwind as well as could have the potential to earn real money by luck. 

  • High Maximum Wins

    PG slots offer shockingly high multipliers compared to other game providers. Though the multiplier is high players must remember that slots with high multipliers have a high volatility too and a little too risky but, a real promising reward if you hit the jackpot!

  • Mobile Friendly
    Mobile gaming solutions for iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms. 
    supported platforms
  • High Quality Graphics & Animations
    Compared to other slots, the graphics are very high-quality graphics and animations, which make their games visually appealing. It’s very appealing to the eyes not only to Asians like Philippines but to western markets as well.

    The must try slots from PG that are excellent in graphics, with best themed and with suspense animations are Medusa and Legend of Perseus slots.

    Legend of Perseus Pg slotsmedusa pg slots

  • Social System

    They are pioneers in social commitment among players. There’s a social system, but it doesn’t include the Philippine market. It only applicable to selected country market. You can’t interact with other players live or even send emoticons. It could be possible to do in other countries.

    social system pg slots

  • Tournament 

    Tournament availability for slot game fans. Players compete for rewards and prizes in a competitive gaming arena. Though it is not new, they are able to do this by playing PG slots. But, unfortunately it is also not available to Philippine Market.
    tournament battle in PG Slots

  • Customization
    Players can customize the free games and bonuses based on user level.  Players can also buy “Bonus Features” to buy free spins.

  • Smart Bot
    With Smartbot, users can switch between apps while the game runs in the background. This is a unique and special feature of PG.


Games Genres 68%
Free Credit bonus 50%
Originality 80%
  • Limited Games Genres
    Pg Slot casino only offers slots, while other software gaming providers have mini games, fishing games and others.


  • No Free Credit for new players
    Slots from other providers have free credit. PG slots doesn’t. 
    But you can still play PG slots at online casinos in the Philippines like Milyon88 & Betso88 with a free 100 welcome bonus.
     You can use the 100 free bonus  to play slots & fishing games with other game providers (JILI, FC, & YB).


  • Originality
    Other games of PG Slots are based and inspired by other popular slots nowadays in a circle. It seems that there is no originality on this part but, of course the game has its own distinction.

PG Soft slots High RTP games 2024

Best PG Soft Slot games: 2024
High RTP & Maximum Wins

RTP:  96.73%
MAX:  x25000

Best PG Slots in the Philippines 2024

PG Gaming
 have a well-established presence in the realm of slot games. They enjoy consistent visibility on casino forums, attract attention through social media platforms like YouTube demonstrations, and find themselves shared within Facebook groups dedicated to casino enthusiasts. Despite this, player preferences continue to vary, influenced by factors such as age, personality, and distinct gaming experiences.

Most Filipino players are looking for a light-themed slot with a higher maximum wins and a better RTP.

Best PG Soft Slot games in the Philippines 2024:

Fortune God
Majhong Ways 1
 Majhong Ways 2

 Wild Bandito
 Lucky Piggy
 Lucky Neko,
Caishen Wins,

Speed Winner
Treasures of Aztec
Wild Bounty Showdown

fortune god slots PG

Fortune God
RTP:  95.04%
MAX:  x3600


Majhong Ways
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x25000

Majhong ways 2 pg slots

Majhong Ways 2
RTP:  96.95%
MAX:  x100000

LUCKY pIGGY pg slots

Lucky Piggy
RTP:  96.79%
MAX:  x20000

caishen wins pg slots

Caishen Wins
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x100000

Lucky Neko
RTP:  96.73%
MAX:  x100000

speed winner pg slot

Speed Winner
             RTP:  96.72%96.72%
MAX:  x100000

Treasures of Aztec
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x100000

wild bounty showdown pg slot

Wild Bounty Showdown
RTP:  96.75%
MAX:  x5000

Reminder to Players: Relationship between RTP, Maximum wins & Volatility

  It’s important to understand how RTP, Max Wins, and Volatility relate to slot games. It takes risk and luck to gamble. Players should choose these games based on their preferences and willingness to accept the inherent risks involved.

  • Return to Player (RTP):
    RTP is a percentage that represents the long-term average return to players over numerous spins. For example, a slot game with an RTP of 96% theoretically returns PHP 96 for every PHP 100 wagered over time. PG slots usually have a high RTP but, make sure you check the RTP percentage before you play it.

  • Maximum wins:
    These are the largest amounts that a player can potentially win in a single spin. PG slots has different ranges of maximum wins, as of now the highest multiplier is up to x100000.

  • Volatility:
    High volatility slots are indeed considered risky compared to low or medium volatility slots. For players, you must understand to pick a slot game that is suitable for your budget and be able to take the risk when the slot type has high volatility. The slot games’ volatility ranges from Low, Medium and High. For players, check the volatility range before starting the game.

Where to Play PG Soft Slots?

  Have a blast playing PG Soft slot games. Though PG slots have no welcome bonus or free bet available, you can play PG slots in these casinos. The following casinos offer various promotions and a 100 PHP register bonus once you sign up. Offers a top and must-try selection of PG Slots games with high-quality graphics and sound effects.

 Aside from the welcome bonus, there are ongoing promotions for players at Milyon88 and Betso88. Visit the site and check the “promotion” section of the casinos.

Play PG Slot games at these Online casino Platforms and earn a free 100 PHP Bonus!

free 100 bonus casino

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casino payment options

Banking & Withdrawal Options
It’s important to know your banking and withdrawal options when playing PG slots.

You can earn Bonuses by joining this promotion at Milyon88 & Betso88 for loyal players.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

  • E-wallets (GCash & PayMaya/Maya)

  • 7-Eleven

  • Grabpay

  • Bank Transfers to UB bank

  • USDT

  • Crypto coins

PG Soft Slots:
Legit Reviews 2024

Uno1bet, find out that PG Slots is enjoyable too. The RTP is also good as it is over 96%. As well, the volatility is fair also. Some of the slot games of PG Slots offer a high and promising higher maximum wins like Majhong Ways, Majhong Ways 2 , Treasures of Aztec and Wild Bandito up to x100000 max, that make this game the hottest among other slot games in PG. Though is not a leading software provider in the Philippines for now, it’s promising slots and reliable too with an opportunity to get jackpot. The only thing that we don’t like is that some of the games are inspired by other slot games and seem no originality and PG slots have no free bonus bets unlike Jili, Fa Chai and R88 slots. They also have no other genres aside from one table games like baccarat and focus on slot games only.

The good thing is that the themes and the graphics are modern and trendy and could match western and Asian tastes. Our favorite PG slots include Medusa, Legend of Perseus, and Dragon Hatch. PG Slots is a trusted and reliable provider, ensuring fair gameplay and secure transactions for players.

PG Slots is the right choice for you if you wanna play a trendy and entertaining one!

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!



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21+age of gambling in the Philippines

Here’s a friendly reminder:

In the Philippines, individuals 
must be at least 21 years old to engage in gambling activities legally.

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