Fortune Gems
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Fortune Gems Slot: Best Jili games with free 100 Pesos Bonus

With Fortune Gems, you can win up to 375x of multipliers. You can  easily win with its  97% Return to Player (RTP). Explore the beauty of precious gems by playing slot game and earn real money!

Fortune Gems
Overall Rating
Entertaining 90%

Jili Fortune Gems Slots

Fortune Gems


Fortune Gems

Release Date

Fortune Gems


Fortune Gems


Fortune Gems


Fortune Gems

Max Multiplier

Fortune Gems

Min bet

Fortune Gems

Max bet

Introduction Jili Fortune Gems

 Fortune Gems Slot by Jili, will let players enter a world of sparkle and elegance where the attraction of priceless gemstones meets the thrill of playing online slots. Fortune Gems slot machine offers players the chance to spin their own way to win the jackpot!
The idea of the game is to find rare gems, and every spin holds out the possibility of finding amazing treasures. It is made to offer gamers a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience while also providing them a chance to win big prizes. 
Players may aim for big wins and even the desired progressive jackpot with its unique blend of exciting gameplay, lovely visuals, and interesting multipliers.

Fortune Gems
Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems Slot Actual Demo

Jili Fortune Gems Game Interface

Fortune Gems
Fortune Gems
Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems Paytables , Symbols and Rules


Multiplier Bonus Wheel

Fortune Gems

The fourth wheel is the multiplier bonus wheel.

The multiplier symbol appears randomly with each spin.

All winning payouts are multiplied by the multiplier in the center of the wheel.

Six multipliers available: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x.

Extra bets

extra bet

Bet amount and Bet mode can be switched anytime during the game.

Greatly chance with high multiplier symbol by Extra Bet Mode.

Winning score in Extra bet mode = basic bet x odds / 5


Fortune Gems

Substitutes for all symbols in the game.


Fortune Gems

3 X 25

Fortune Gems

3 X 20

Fortune Gems

3 X 15

Fortune Gems

3 X 12

Fortune Gems

3 X 10

Fortune Gems

3 X 8

Fortune Gems

3 X 5

Fortune Gems

3 X 2

Game Rules

1. All symbols pay from left reel to right continually with 3 symbols.

2. Pay Line:

Fortune Gems

3. Winnings = ( Bet x Pay )/5.

4. Malfunction voids pays and plays.

Advantages and Disadvantages Fortune Gems


Extra Bet Feature: It has the option to place an additional bet, which may enhance their chances of winning or unlock special features within the game.

Demo Mode: You can play a demo mode allows you to try out the game without wagering real money. It’s a useful feature for newcomers to understand the game mechanics before playing it using real money.

Win Multiplier: The game offer the opportunity for wins to be multiplied. This adds an extra layer of excitement and potential for higher win while playing.

High RTP (Return to Player): A high RTP indicates that, on average, a significant portion of the wagered money is returned to players over time.

Entertaining: The game is designed to be enjoyable, providing players with an engaging and immersive experience, possibly through appealing graphics, animations, or interactive elements.

Low Volatility: Low volatility means that the game tends to offer more frequent but smaller wins.

Fortune Gems slot


Less Paylines: The game has fewer paylines, which could limit the variety of winning combinations.

No Scatter Feature: Scatter symbols are typically associated with triggering bonuses or free spins. Without scatter feature means that players may not experience new excitement with out it

No Cascade Feature: Cascade or avalanche features involve symbols falling or replacing each other after a winning combination, creating the potential for consecutive wins from a single spin. The lack of this feature in Fortune Gems means that each spin is independent, without the possibility of continuous wins from one bet.

Where to play Fortune Gems   Jili?

You can play and use Jili Games free 100 Fortune Gems at: Betso88, Milyon88 and Ssbet77 Online casinos in  Philippines. Take advantage of welcome bonuses when you create an account.

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FAQ- Fortune Gems

Yes, you can win real money playing Fortune Gems in any legit online casino in the Philippines, but gamble responsibly and within your means. By winning multiple times, you can withdraw them immediately using GCash, PayMaya or other payment methods.

Players can start to wager at 1 to 1000(Php)

You can play the Fortune Gems and other Slot games from different software providers at a legit online casino in the Philippines. Platforms that offers Slot games in the Philippines such as: Ssbet77, Milyon88 and Betso88 online casinos.

You can play it on Mobile, Laptop or Desktop by going to browser.

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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