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Welcome to the awesome world of PG Slots. Get ready to win big right from the comfort of your own home. PG offers a wide range of popular slot games with awesome themes and exciting features. And guess what? It’s not just Asia that’s going crazy for it, players from Western markets are also jumping on the bandwagon. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, PG got you covered. Check out these legit reviews of PG Soft slots to learn more about the pros and cons of the games. Find out more right here!

2024 Best PG Slots in the Philippines:
Based On Popularity

PG Soft slots
have a well-established presence in the realm of slot games. They enjoy consistent visibility on casino forums, attract attention through social media platforms like YouTube demonstrations, and find themselves shared within Facebook groups dedicated to casino enthusiasts. Despite this, player preferences continue to vary, influenced by factors such as age, personality, and distinct gaming experiences. Most Filipino players are looking for a light-themed slot with a higher maximum wins and a better RTP.

Best PG Soft Slot games in the Philippines: 

1. Fortune God
2. Majhong Ways
3. Majhong Ways 2
4. Wild Bandito
5. Lucky Piggy
Lucky Neko
7. Treasures of Aztec
8. Wild Bounty
9.  Tree of Fortune
10.Double Fortune
11. Dreams of Macau.

A must-try PG slot based on high RTP, fair volatility, and max wins

Treasures of Aztec
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x100000

fortune god slots PG

Fortune God
RTP:  95.04%
MAX:  x3600

Lucky Neko
RTP:  96.73%
MAX:  x100000

Dreams of Macau pg slots

Dreams of Macau
RTP:  96.73%

MAX:  x100000

Majhong ways 2 pg slots

Majhong Ways 2
RTP:  96.95%
MAX:  x100000


Majhong Ways
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x25000

wild bounty showdown pg slot

Wild Bounty Showdown
RTP:  96.75%
MAX:  x5000

LUCKY pIGGY pg slots

Lucky Piggy
RTP:  96.79%
MAX:  x20000

double fortune pg slots

Double Fortune
RTP:  96.22%
MAX:  x100000

PG Slots

Tree of Fortune
RTP:  95.01%
MAX:  x5000

speed winner pg slot

Speed Winner
RTP:  96.72%
MAX:  x100000

caishen wins pg slots

Caishen Wins
RTP:  96.92%
MAX:  x100000


PG Slots Overall Ratings:

pg soft logo
Pros and cons of Jdb slots


Entertaining 84%
Graphic Design & Animation 88%
Maximum wins 90%
Mobile Friendly 85%
Customization 80%


Originality 75%
Free Credit 65%
Game Genres 65%

PG Slots:
Legit Reviews 2024

Uno1bet, find out PG Slots is fun and entertaining too. The RTP is also good as it is over 96%. It’s also fair on volatility.

Some of the slot games of PG Slots offer high and promising high maximum wins like Majhong Ways, Majhong Ways 2 , Treasures of Aztec and
Wild Bandito up to x100000 max, which makes this game the hottest among other slot games in PG.
It is also mobile and desktop friendly as it supports mobile gaming solutions for iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms. PG slot games can customize the free games and bonuses based on user level. Players can also buy Bonus Features to buy free spins.


Majhong Ways I

majhong ways pg slots

Treasures of Aztecs

Wild Bandito

PG Slots

Majhong Ways II


 Though PG it is not a leading software provider in the Philippines for now, it’s promising slots and reliable too with an opportunity to get a jackpot.
The only thing that we don’t like is that some of the games are inspired by other slot games and seem no originality and PG slots have no free credit bets unlike Jili, Fa Chai and R88 slots. They also have no other game genres aside from one table games like Baccarat and focus on slot games only. There aren’t enough genres to choose from.

The themes, graphic designs and animations are modern and trendy, so they’ll match western and Asian tastes. Our favorite PG slots include Medusa, Legend of Perseus, and Dragon Hatch. Nevertheless, PG Slots is a trusted and reliable provider, ensuring fair gameplay and secure transactions for players.


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