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Online Sabong Live: Where to Play in Philippines? |DS88 Sabong

Looking for Filipino Online + Sabong?

Meron, Draw or Wala?

online sabong live

Play Online Sabong Live at Philippine Casinos

Sabong Philippines

tradition of Sabong can be seen as part of Filipino culture and dates back to the precolonial period. In the local language, cockfighting is known as “Sabong”, which refers to animal blood sports.
Sabong has been part of Filipino culture since pre-colonial times. It was already played by the Filipinos in the early 15th century before the Spaniards colonized it

It became a popular form of entertainment and recreation. Most of the time, it involves a monetary bet. It’s a source of easy money for gambling, recreation, and business in the Philippines.

Traditional Philippine Sabong
Vs. Online Sabong Live

Online Sabong or Traditional Filipino Sabong?

 Nowadays, people can bet on cockfights without being physically present in the cockpit area by playing online + sabong.

During Covid-19, many people played from their comfortable homes using their own mobile gadgets and other devices. 

Since it’s real-time and easier to place bets online, there’s no difference between playing live and online. The sports is also considered easy money, which is why Filipinos have been obsessed with it for centuries. 

Aside from online sabong, you can also bet on other sports betting like online basketball, football, boxing and e-games like league of legends (LOL) which are considered popular sports in the country. 

You can choose from an unlimited number of E-sports at best and trusted betting sites in the Philippines. 

You can play and bet sabong online with DS88. Play Online sabong tru Gcash and other payment options online. 


Are you looking for an online sabong? Here is the right place to be.
Watching livestreams and betting online is now the way to play Sabong in the country.

 Sportsbooks like
DS88 allow players who miss playing Sabong/cockfighting to place their bets secure and legit. 

Multiple bets are allowed here. You can choose Meron, Draw, or Wala.

This feels like live, but it’s more convenient and very entertaining due to lively host and there’s no worry since the payout and results are legit.


betting options
draw 100 bet
wala wins
sabong meron o wala live
ds88 sabong live

Where to play Online Sabong Live?

Our recommendations include Milyon88, Betso88 and Ssbet77. A big advance in online gambling has been focused on bringing Filipino-designed games to the world of gaming.

 Aside from the large number of bonuses, weekly rewards, and other attractive promotions, they have been providing online live sports in the Philippines for a long time. 

They also have been granted a license to operate as a gaming company by the Curacao Government. 

There are a few restrictions on sports betting in the Philippines, but it is legal in domestic and international sportsbooks. Filipinos can legally gamble.

Aside from the popular Sabong there are a wide variety of sporting events to choose from. These include basketball, boxing, football, baseball and many other sports without fear of being scammed by these trusted online betting sites.

Visit Sites: Milyon88, Betso88 & SSBET77
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A Star in the Game

In these games, two roosters/cocks are put into an arena and bets are placed on which of them will win. During the fight, a special blade was attached to one leg of the animal. The game is played in a unique arena where a bloody battle takes place.

 Chicken fighting competitions require intensive training, which includes fighting techniques training.

Is Online Sabong/E-Sabong is legal in the Philippines?

ds88 sabong

As part of the tradition, both illegal and legal activities were performed. Nowadays, some people use online sabong as a form of gambling, recreation, business, and livelihood.

 Today, it seems to be difficult to control because of modern technology and easy access to any platform around the world. Humans still find entertainment in blood sports. We see many people are still entertained by MMA and boxing as well. 

This leads some Filipino bettors to seek other alternatives to play online cockfighting games and it might be difficult to control and perpetuate illegal betting activities in the country no longer covered by government monitoring, like PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).


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