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Money Coming: Jili’s Simplest slot games| Receive JILI games free 100

The simplicity of the game is why a lot of players are coming back to play the Money Coming slot. It’s like a special treat when you get to play the “Lucky Wheel”
and it makes this game exciting!


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Money Coming Slot: Game  Introduction Reviews

jili money coming features
  • Type of Game:   Slot 
  • Publish Time:     2020
  • Sofware Provider:  Jili Gaming
  • Highest Multiplier:   10000x
  • Supported Platform:    Android/Mac/HTML5/Windows
  • Min. & Max. Bet Sizes:   1-100 PHP (Philippine currency)


Let’s talk about money!

   Money is everyone’s need, so you’ve got to be excited about this one. 

This is about what Money Coming slot game is offering.

The moment you are playing this game,
there is such a feeling that you are waiting for the right moment to receive your jackpot! 

That is what the Money Coming slot is all about!

It is uncomplicated and easy-to-understand slot game. 

This is just a classic one-line type of slot that has 3 reels and 3 rows only.

three reels in money coming slot

Are you ready to bet higher to unlock and get more reward benefits? To win big.

There are lots of multipliers and you could win up to 10,000X.

money coming slot

The simplicity of the game is why a lot of players are coming back to play the Money Coming slot.

Another thing is it’s like a special treat when you get to play the “Lucky Wheel” and it makes this game exciting.


JILI Money Coming Interfaces:

Remember: The size of your interface, whether it’s a desktop or a mobile, significantly impacts your gaming experience.

Money Coming could be play by Windows/Android/Mac/HTML5.

Desktop Interface

money coming interface

Mobile Interface

money coming slot mobile interface

Check out the demo of the Jili Money Coming slot machine

For players, watch the demo play in online casino platform in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics of Money Coming.


Money Coming – Multipliers
Special Symbols

Here are the five numbers on the reels and the possible winning combinations.

Wheel Symbols:
10, 5, 0, 00, & 1

money coming slot wheel symbols

2x, 5x, & 10x

Your bets can unlock higher rewards if you add them up!

up bet in money coming slot
up bet in money coming slot

Money Coming Slot:  Winning Paylines Samples

money coming slot multipliers

  Please Note: Playing and hitting the multipliers on the last reels can multiply your winnings depending on what multipliers you hit and the value of your bet.

Money Coming: Jili's Simplest slot games| Receive JILI games free 100

Money Coming Slot:  Game Rules

game rules 1
game rules 2

Where to Play Money Coming slot?

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FAQs – JILI Money Coming Slot 

Min. bets:  1 – 100 PHP (Philippine Currency).

bet sizes 1-100

Yes, you can win real money playing Money Coming slot game in the Philippines, but gamble responsibly and within your means. By winning multiple times, you can withdraw them immediately using GCash, PayMaya or other payment methods.

You can play the Money Coming slot game at a legit online casino in the Philippines. Online casinos such as Milyon88 and Betso88 offer top slot games from Jili Gaming.

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”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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