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Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus

Fortune Gems’ slot popularity led to a second version!
Play the Jili Fortune Gems 2 at Philippine Online casino & discover your own treasure!


 Overall Ratings: 2.0 out of 5 votes 

Fortune Gems 2 reviews

Fortune Gems 2
Slot Machine

About the Game

The slot theme is bright and colorful precious gemstones. While playing this game, it feels like you’re going to discover a hidden treasure. 
Similarly to version one Fortune Gems, they have the same theme and 8 character symbols in the interface, and multipliers. Both have 3×3 reels. As compared to other slot games, it’s not complicated and easy to spot the interface movements since it only has 4 reels including the multiplier. Fortune Gems 2 has a “Lucky Wheel,” which makes it different from version one.

“Special Lucky Wheel”

fortune gems 2 special lucky wheel

 That makes it even more exciting when you hit the biggest multiplier bonus!


Slots win

Fortune Gems 1 & Fortune Gems 2:
Most played slots by Ta Da Gaming (JILI)

Fortune Gems 1

Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos BonusReleased: 2022
Special Features: Multiplier
Max Win: x375
Volatility: Low to Medium
Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems 2

Fortune Gems 2 Slot tada gamingReleased: 2023
Special Features: Multiplier,
Full Symbol & Lucky Wheel

Max Win: x10,000
Volatility: Medium
New Fortune Gems 2

See the differences between the two versions? 
 Fortune Gems 1 & Fortune Gems 2

Fortune Gems 2 when it comes to maximum win has 10,000x a great difference with Fortune Gems 1 with 375x max win only. But, in any casino game, the volatility or risk factors are also higher. Fortune Gems 1 has a low to medium variance compared to Fortune Gems 2 with medium volatility, much riskier to play. When it comes to thrills, Fortune Gems 2 version 2 is a good choice because it has special features: full symbol, multiplier & has a special wheel and is more enjoyable to play.

For those seeking thrills and excitement, Fortune Gems 2 emerges as an enticing option. It introduces special features such as full symbols, multipliers, and an engaging special wheel, rendering gameplay much more enjoyable and immersive.

demo play

Demo Play in Online casino: Fortune Gems 2 

For players, watch the demo play in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics.
You’ll also feel the difference between Fortune Gems 2 and version 1’s bonus games.

Fortune Gems 2 Slot 
Winning Paylines

There must be at least three (3) identical symbols and they must be consecutive. 

Start from left to right.

Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus

Samples of Winning patterns with Paylines

Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus
Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus
Fortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus

Lucky Wheel & Multipliers:
Fortune Gems 2 

fortune gems 2 special lucky wheel
WHEEL symbols WIN
multipliers of fortune gems 2 slot
wheel symbol fortune gems 2 slot

 Fortune Gems 2 slot has vibrant colors & engaging themes and symbols that can make the interface visually appealing.

The 8 symbols are composed of three precious gemstones ruby, emerald & sapphire, a wild symbol and four letters A, J, K & Q.


ancient garuda wild symbol
ruby paytable
sapphire paytable
emerald paytable
A Paytable
j paytable
k paytable
q paytable
slot games

Where to Play Jili Fortune Gems 2 Slot Machine?

Play F0rtune Gems 1 & Fortune Gems 2 Slot games at Milyon88 Online casino Philippines

jili fortune gems slot reviewsFortune Gems 2 Slot: Receive Jili Slots free 100 Pesos Bonus


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Fortune Gems 2 is an online slot game that allows you to earn real money while playing.

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