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Boxes Dare2Win Mini games in Casino – High RTP with Demo

Now available for Filipino players!

Click one of the boxes to reveal the whole row. Get diamonds while denoting mines!

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Hacksaw Gaming™ is popular in the creation of engaging instant or mini games such as the famous Dare2win series. This includes Mines Dare2win, Boxes Dare2win & Coins Dare2win. 

Boxes DARE2WIN : Game Introduction Reviews

Boxes Dare2Win is an online instant or a mini game. A very simple gameplay and easy to get used to. After Mines Dare2Win was successful, Boxes Dare2Win was created. 

Compared to Mines Dare2win, Boxes Dare2Win has a chance of 50/50 jackpot. 

At the top of the pyramid only two boxes will be left behind and when you get the right guess, you will win the jackpot.


50/50 jackpot boxes dare2win

The interface only has two symbols: Diamonds & Mines. It’s a pyramid-shaped field with 4-8 rows. You can choose the layout according to your preference. Also, consider setting between easy, medium, and hard playstyles. This makes the game unique compared to other instant games.

From the settings tab, you can customize.


You can set anything based on your abilities and your own method to get the jackpot by just making the right guess. You don’t need to be an expert players to win the jackpot; everyone who’s old enough can play.

No pressure on strategy and gaming rules. In the Philippines, players must be at least 21 years old to play and bet online.


Boxes Dare2WIN – Overall Ratings


Boxes Dare2Win – Demo Play

Where to Play Boxes DARE2WIN?

Famous Dare2win series such as Boxes Dare2win, Mines Dare2win & Coins Dare2win. It is now available in the Philippines.

 You can enjoy and play at these legit online casinos like Milyon88 & Betso88 that offers Hacksaw™ instant games.


How to Play Boxes Dare2win?

boxes dare2win guide

1.Get into the “Boxes Dare2win game”.

In your favorite online casino, which offers Boxes Dare2win. Navigate to the “ALL Platforms” section, then click on Hacksaw Gaming (HS). Then click on “Boxes Dare2win”. Alternatively, you can play for fun (to warm up for the real game).

Milyon88 Online Casino Official website

2. Click on SETTINGS TAB:

The number of rows can be selected from four to eight (4-8). Select the level of difficulty. There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. 


4 Rows 

boxes dare2win jackpot

8 Rows

8 rows boxes dare2win

3. Start betting.

To place a bet, use the SETTING TAB again. Betting ranges from 10.00 PHP to 50,000.00 PHP. Decide how much you’re willing to bet. Then press “bet” to start the game.

4. You can now start the game by clicking the boxes on the interface.

  • To reveal the entire row, click one of the boxes in the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Getting a Diamond as long as you can.
  • With each Diamond you land, the rewards go up and can proceed to upper next level.
  • If you avoid the mines correctly, you win the game! 
  • If you get a bomb the game is over.

PLEASE NOTE: The higher the level of difficulty, the higher the prize. 


5. Withdraw your winnings!

Keep in mind whether you get a jackpot or not. If you have collected prizes by clicking the diamonds. You can collect your winnings right away if you did not want to continue the game and decided not to dare.

End the game by jackpot!

boxes dare2win jackpot

You can collect the winning prizes in an unfinished game by pressing COLLECT.

Boxes Dare2Win Mini games in Casino - High RTP with Demo

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!



No. It’s classified as an instant game or minigame. Compared to online slot games, you can choose how many rows in the interface you want and the level of difficulty. It’s a single-player puzzle game, but it earns real money.

It is now available for Filipino players. It can be enjoyed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It can be played in a designated online casinos like Milyon88 and Betso88 where the DARE2WINS series by Hacksaw Gaming™ is available.

Yes. Especially if you want to play it with real money in an online casino. And if you win multiple times. You can withdraw your winnings immediately! You can pay using your preferred method, such as G-cash or your bank account.

  PLAY DARE2WIN SERIESMines Dare2win, Boxes Dare2Win, & Coins Dare2Win.


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