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Crazy777: Easiest slot game with 100 Pesos bonus| Jili slot 777

Looking for a type of slot game that lets you have fun and make some real money? Games with easy rules make game play more fun.
Crazy777 or Jili slot 777 game it is easy and doesn’t have too many rules, so it’s perfect for beginners.

Introducing Crazy 777 from Jili Gaming – One of the most popular slot games among Filipino players.

crazy 777 slot
free 100 bonus casino

Slot Ratings: 
8.0 out of 10 votes

Crazy777 Slot: Game Reviews

 The Crazy777 or Jili slot 777 game is highly favored among older gamblers who are not technologically inclined and prefer a more straightforward and traditional gaming experience.
Here you don’t need to be an expert to play, regardless of gender as long as you have the right age to gamble you can play. 

 Unlike other slot games, players don’t have to align three identical symbols on a payline to win. This makes Crazy777 easier and popular among other slots available today! That makes this game easier to bet on.

No more 3 or more identical symbols pattern to win!

crazy777 slot game


crazy777 1 paylinecrazy777 slot big prize

How to Play Crazy777 slot?

For players, here’s what you have to do:
Follow Steps 1 to 3 

   1. You win if three symbols appear in the center from left to right.
(Any 3 symbols will do).

 2. Winnings = Pay X bet /3 

  3. The payout gains an extra bonus based on the symbol with a “Special reel combination”.

JILI’s Crazy777 Demo Game play

Watch the actual demo of Crazy777 slot from online casino in the Philippines. To get familiar with the game, watch the video to get a better understanding, especially for beginners.


Tips to Win: Crazy777 Slot

  1. You can consider taking the casino bonus to play Crazy777 slot as a free bet for a lower risk.

  2. The game rules are so simple. You can spend time watching the video above if you want to get familiar with the game.

  3. Understanding the multipliers and paytables is a plus.

  4. Don’t bet high quickly unless you are already making your own strategy and experience.

  5. Though you have a free limited bet amount, you can extend it for a long time to study the game.

  6. Don’t get pressured and enjoy the game.

pros and cons crazy777 slot

Pros & Cons of playing Crazy777


  • Low cost game. The minimum bet size is very affordable. The minimum bet size is 0.6-1920 PHP.
  • Accessible because it is available online.
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay with simple rules and clear objectives.
  • Opportunity to win big jackpots and bonus features.
  • No need for special techniques.


  • Players have a risk of addiction.
  • Because of the simplicity of the game there is a feeling of repetition and it is not challenging for some.

important reminder

Important things to remember:  Multipliers & Paytables

By understanding the multipliers and paytables players will easily determine the possible payouts. Paytables will determine the possible payout values while multipliers could increase the winnings and add some thrills to the game.


(Each payout in this round gets multiplied by the corresponding multipliers)

2x, 5x, 10x, $+, $$+ & ReSpin

$$+symbols crazy777
respin crazy777


777 symbols IN CRAZY777 SLOT
77 symbols IN CRAZY777 SLOT
7 symbol IN CRAZY777 SLOT
bar bar bar symbols
bar symbol
bar symbol CRAZY777 SLOT

Samples of Wins & No Wins paylines: Crazy777

With Wins (Any 3 symbols at the center)

crazy777 slot win
crazy777 slot big prize

No Wins (Less than 3 symbols at the center)

no win crazy777 slot
CRAZY777 Slot game jili

Where to play Jili777 slot with free 100 Pesos bonus?

No matter what device you're on, you can enjoy Crazy777 slot's great features!
supported platforms

Milyon88 and Betso88 are two of the biggest online casinos in the Philippines. They have the latest, best, and hottest games from world-class providers like Jili Gaming. You can earn real money playing Crazy777 slots online. New players can get help and support from these two casinos by taking advantage of the P100 welcome bonus. 

Play at Milyon88 & Get PHP 100 Bonus!

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”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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