Sweet Land Game reviews
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Sweet Land By JILI: Discover Sweet Winnings with 97% RTP

Have you heard of "Sweet Land," the latest game by JILI? It's making waves in the gaming world for its remarkably high winning rate, exceeding 97%. Additionally, it offers enjoyable and colorful gameplay and strategies that players adore.

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Sweet Land: Ratings and Players Reviews

Sweet Land By JILI
Visual Appeal 88%
Speed and Performance 90%
Entertainment Value 90%
Reliability and Trustworthiness 95%
Speed and Performance 89%
Game Play Experience 90%
"Sweet Land is awesome! Big wins and fun Free Game feature make it super exciting. I love playing it whenever I need a break!"
"Sweet Land is my favorite slot game! It's so much fun with its cool features like Wild symbols and the chance to win big. I play it all the time and never get bored!"
"I was excited about Sweet Land, but it didn't impress me. Even though they said it had high chances to win, I didn't win much. The Multiplier didn't help much either, and I got bored quickly."
"Sweet Land is fantastic! I enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels and trying to hit the 3000x max win. It's easy to play and always keeps me entertained." .

Why Sweet Land Stands Out: High RTP and Engaging Gameplay

Sweet Land Game reviews

MAX WIN: 3000x
Type of game: Slot
Special Features: Free Game, Multiplier, Wild
Paylines: Cluster Pay

Sweet Land stands out in the realm of slot games due to its winning combination of high RTP and captivating gameplay. With a maximum win potential of 3000x and a medium volatility level, players can anticipate exciting yet balanced gameplay experiences. As a slot game featuring special features such as Free Game, Multiplier, and Wild symbols, Sweet Land offers players a diverse range of opportunities to enhance their winnings and keep the excitement flowing. Its unique Cluster Paylines add a refreshing twist to traditional payline structures, ensuring an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. Released in December 2023, Sweet Land continues to captivate players with its enticing features and opportunities for sweet victories.

Factors Behind the Success of Sweet Land

Sweet Land by JILI stands out as the most played among their games due to its remarkable features:

  • High Winning Chance: The game offers an impressive winning rate of over 97%, providing players with a significant opportunity to win money easily.

  • Captivating Design: The candy-themed design, coupled with a user-friendly interface, appeals to a broad audience, particularly attracting women and those with a youthful outlook.

  • Engaging Gameplay: The game’s colorful and exciting gameplay contributes to its popularity, making it enjoyable for a wide range of players.

  • Frequent Payouts: With a payout system that provides money often, players experience satisfaction and are encouraged to continue playing.

  • Positive Reputation: Positive reviews and word of mouth have enhanced the game’s reputation, fostering a strong community of players who find it both entertaining and rewarding.

Moreover, the game offers a distinctive advantage:

  • Try for Fun Option: Players can explore Sweet Land by JILI without betting any money. This feature allows individuals to try the game for fun, providing a risk-free experience before deciding to wager real money.

Sweet Land and Its Disadvantages

While Sweet Land has good things, there are some not-so-great parts:

  • Excessive Playing: Because it’s easy to win, some people might play it a lot and spend more money than they should.

  • Limited Challenge: If you like games that make you think and work hard, Sweet Land might be too easy for you.

  • Depends on Luck: Even though they talk about strategies, the game mostly depends on luck. Some people prefer games where you need more skill.

  • Candy Theme Might Not Be for Everyone: The game is all about candies, and not everyone likes that. It might only be loved by some players.

Before playing Sweet Land, it’s good to think about these not-so-great things along with the good ones.

Discovering Key Features of Sweet Land

Meet Sweet Land by JILI, a new game in town with a remarkable winning rate of over 97%. This game stands out because it’s easier to win than most. It’s not just about winning, though;  JILI’s Sweet Land offers exciting and colorful strategies that players really enjoy. Let’s dive in and learn more about what makes this game so special.

Sweet Land: Cascading Reels

After every spin, winning combinations are paid and all winning symbols disappear. The remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the screen and the empty positions are replaced with new symbols coming from above. Cascading will continue until no more winning combinations appear. All wins are added to the player’s balance after all of the cascading resulted from a base spin have been played.

Sweet Land: Multiplier Spots
Sweet Land Multiplier Spots
Sweet Land: Symbol
Scatter Symbol
  1. This is the WILD SYMBOL and substitutes for all symbol except the SCATTER SYMBOL.
  2. In each spin, every two cascading wins will award a WILD SYMBOL, and it will randomly appear at the marked spot. Player can get up to 4 WILD SYMBOLS per spin.
  3. When there is no winning combination but there are still WILD SYMBOLS on the screen. The WILD SYMBOLS transform into WILD BOMB and explode. The WILD BOMB will destroy all adjacent symbols except the SCATTER SYMBOL and give space for new symbols to drop down and continue the cascading if available.

This is the SCATTER SYMBOL appears on all reels.

Sweet Land: Free Games
Free Game
  1. Hit 3 or more SCATTER symbols anywhere on the screen to trigger the Free Game.
    • 3 SCATTER symbols awards 10 free spins.
    • 4 SCATTER symbols awards 12 free spins.
    • 5 SCATTER symbols awards 15 free spins.
    • 6 SCATTER symbols awards 20 free spins.
    • 7 SCATTER symbols awards 30 free spins.
  2. Hit 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 SCATTER symbols anywhere on the screen during the Free Game to win 10, 12, 15, 20 or 30 additional free spins respectively.
  3. During the Free Game, the marked spots and their multipliers remain in place until the end of the Free Game and can increase with subsequent cascading through the free spins.
Sweet Land: Paytable
  1. Payouts are shown as bet = 1.
  2. All symbols pay in blocks of minimum 5 symbols connected horizontally or vertically.
Sweet Land Paytables
Sweet Land Paytables2

Sweet Land: Game Rules

  1. This is a video slot with 7 x 7 grid, using a cluster pays system to land wins. At least 5 or more of a kind are required to make a winning cluster, and the symbols involved must be connected to each other in horizontal or vertical directions.
  2. Only the highest win is paid per winning combination.
  3. Winnings = Payout x Bet
    e.g. Player bets 1 and wins 8 img that are adjacent to each other, winnings will be “2 x 1 = 2”.
  4. When winning with multiple blocks all wins are added to the total win.
  5. Free game will play with the same bet settings as those in the trigger game.
  6. RTP = 97.00%.

  7. Malfunction voids all pays and plays. If there’s any malfunction during the feature game, the system will automatically complete the subsequent game and reward the player.
  8. Where an interruption occurs after the operator receives notification of the customer´s gamble and where the customer can have no further influence on the outcome of the event or gamble the results of the gamble should stand.
Sweet Land: Button
Sweet Land Buttons

Sweet Land: Where to Play?

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FAQ - Sweet Land by JILI

Have a great time playing Sweet Land by JILI on BetSo88, Milyon88, and SSBET77! These platforms have lots of different games from our best game providers, so you can have a fantastic gaming experience.

Absolutely, Sweet Land by JILI  gives you the opportunity to win actual money. However, it’s crucial to play sensibly and not spend more than you can afford. If you do win, you can easily take out your winnings using safe and straightforward methods like GCash, PayMaya, and others. Remember, responsible gaming helps you have a balanced and fun time.

Sweet Land By JILI can be enjoyed on a range of platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5, making it accessible to users no matter their device. Whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, you can enjoy the exciting experience with just a click.

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