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Mega ball Live bingo game : Evolution – Up to 100x| PH

Play the modern Bingo of today!

Play the modern Bingo of today! It’s a “ONE-TIME” Big prizes you can get by sitting a few minutes at home comfortably and win instantly.

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Game Introduction – Live Mega Ball Evolution

Mega ball Live bingo game : Evolution - Up to 100x| PH

Mega ball is an online bingo game by EVOLUTION – the renowned world-class provider of online casino live games.

It’s easy to see why megaball is so popular. It’s all about the “One-time” big prize you can get by sitting a few minutes at home comfortably and seeing your winnings instantly. With this fast-paced game, all you have to do is wait for each ball to show up and you could win big.

Easy to play, this game is exciting and fast-paced. Players just need to set the value of their cards and buy the number they want, up to 200 per round. 

Seeing the balls match those on their cards, they’re eager to make lines and maybe win!


Overall Ratings Mega Ball Live

megaball evolution studio

Mega Ball Evolution – Demo Play in Online Casino

How to play Mega ball Live?

   1. Get to Mega ball.

In your favorite online casino, navigate to the Live Casino section. Click on “Mega Ball”. You’ll be taken to Evolution Gaming’s live studio where Mega Ball is played.

megaball evolution studio

       2. Purchasing bingo cards.

To participate you need to take at least one card. You are free to choose how many cards you want and comfortably afford. 

You can play up to 200 cards per game.
The Card Value can be adjusted at the bottom of your screen.

Mega ball Live bingo game : Evolution - Up to 100x| PH

Each megaball card bought has 24 numbers and a “wild” blank space in the middle.


   3. Wait for the 20 balls to be draw.

  Once the betting time has closed, there are 51 balls released from the machine. The machine draws 20 balls in a row.

Twenty balls are drawn from the automatic ball drawing machine in Mega Ball. Five numbers must be arranged in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. It is important to note that each line has a payout value. Basically, the more lines you fill in, the better the payout.

Players’ cards are automatically marked off as ball numbers match. In the user interface, the cards are also rearranged so the closest to winning are displayed first.

The more lines on your cards, the more you win. 

  • 1 line horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you receive 1x your bet
  • 2 lines and you will receive 5x your bet
  • 3 lines and you will receive 50x your bet
  • 4 lines and you will receive 250x your bet
  • 5 lines and you receive 1,000 x your bet
  • 6 lines or more and you get 10,000x your bet
lines megaball

   4. Mega ball draw.

After the 1-19 balls is already drawn the last ball will be drawn and the game will become more  intense because a Mega Ball multiplier between 5x-100x is generated. 

If the Mega Ball completes a line, players’ winnings are multiplied accordingly, with a chance of winning up to 1,000,000x!

megaball draw

Here is the Mega ball multiplier between 5x-100x.

megaball multiplier
megaball win

   5. Withdraw your winnings!

Lastly, withdraw your winnings if you have winnings in your account, you can withdraw them using the site’s withdrawal options.

Where to play Mega ball – Live | Evolution

Remember to always gamble responsibly and within your means.


Try the modern style bingo today! Play Mega Ball Live by EVOLUTION online on your own devices. These are reliable casinos that offer Mega Ball online:

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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