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Vibrant colors and engaging visuals enhance the overall experience.
Play Color game online and earn real money!


Perya Color game
Vs. Color Games Online

Color game traditionalColor game online
6 COLORS DICEs/blocks Color game

(The betting table has six colors: green, red, blue, pink, white, and yellow. With wooden blocks/dices).

Perya colorgame Philippines

Perya Color game : Traditional

What is Color game for Filipinos? Trivia

Before Color games went to Online gaming, Color games was not just a simple game for a Filipino especially those who were born between 70’s to 90’s.
Color game is a popular, timeless and classical game of Filipinos usually seen in Peryahan during
“Fiesta sa Nayon”. 

This will reminisce about the past or the basics. As a reflection of life in rural villages and barrios
(small communities), this game holds a special place in Filipino culture.
Today, color games are still played, along with Bingo games and other small parlor games.

Minors aren’t allowed to bet in Peryahan.

How to Play Color Game?

Game mechanics:
 Color games Perya

The mechanics of “Color Gam
e” are simple.

    1. At the betting table, there are six colors: green, red, blue, pink, white and yellow.
6 COLORS DICEs/blocks Color game

    2. Players just need to choose a color to bet on among six (6) colors.
    3. The operator must pull a string or manually pull-up a lever to release the multi-colored wooden blocks/Dices.
    4. The colors on the top of the (3) “rolled” wooden blocks/Dices are the winning colors.

     Please Note:
     It is a matter of right guessing and no techniques must be needed. It is more on the simplicity of the game that makes it engaging and of course the colorful blocks, resulting in repetition if you win.

Color Games Online

players don’t need to wait when or where the Perya will come; instead it’s just available online 24/7. Now betting will be simplified and more convenient. There are 2 types of Color game online to choose from.


2 Types of Color Games Online

  1. Color Game in Live Show Type:

  • Play Color game in a platform Live Game Show with a host that players can interact with and bet at the same time. With progressive features.

Play Live at Casino Plus Color game

Color Game Casino Plus

  2. Color Game in Animation Type:

  • Can be played in an online casino without a real live host but instead in a simple animation graphics form with the same gameplay mechanics and an extra feature or bonus round.

     Play with Popular Casino game providers such as: Fachai (FC), JDB, R88 & Hacksaw.

    King Maker Color gameLucky Color Game JDB
    R88 Color gameColors Hacksaw: Color game

Where to Play Online Color Games?

List of Best Online Color Games at casino

1. Casino Plus

2. King Maker (KM)

3. Hacksaw (HS)

4. Fa Chai (FC)  

5. JDB


Casino Plus Color game (2)

1. Casino Plus : Color Game

Color game at Casino Plus: In a colorful set up. Playing color games at Casino Plus is indeed enjoyable. The lovely and lively host will greet you and make you feel at the game show. It also has a live chat to interact with the host to more feel the game. It's dependable because it's live so winners will be rewarded on the spot. The distinctive of these Casino Plus either Color game perya, and animation color game, it has a "Color Wheel" to multiply your winnings. Enter the three games for those lucky winners such as: The Super game, Color game Super Jackpot, Color game Triple Fortunes. Makes the game more exciting.

  Live Game Show, Lucky Wheel, Super Game, Super Jackpot & Triple Fortunes 

Color Game Casino PlusEarn Real Money by Playing Color Games at Philippine CasinosColor WheelCasino plus
Color game King maker

2. KingMaker (KM) : Super Color Game

Color Game by Kingmaker: Excellent at giving good instructions. Compared to the other color games mentioned above. This game also has unique features. It has four rooms such as: casual, novice, expert and high roller rooms to choose from. It makes it more challenging and has a thrill unlike other games. The design is also excellent by having an "animated girl" as the live host. It feels like you enter a live color game show ambiance. This also has a 4 range of betting sizes and expects to have maximum betting amounts compared to other color games. Overall, this is an enjoyable color game.

4 Rooms: Casual, Novice, Expert & High Roller & Animated Host


Kingmaker Color Game InstructionsKM FOUR ROOMSKingmaker Color game Interface


Earn Real Money by Playing Color Games at Philippine Casinos

3. Hacksaw (HS) : Colors

Colors by Hacksaw HS: This is the most simple and straight forward game. The game provide a direct guide on how to play and also this game has a Play for fun mode, so players are allowed to play to practice ahead of the real game. The good thing about this game is there is not too much drama. The bad thing, this game is a lack of a good interface. It's more about betting immediately. The system will just shuffle the blocks. The less number of colors you choose the more jackpot price you can earn and depending on your bet size the multiplier is adjusted too.

Low minimum bets, Play For Fun & Lucky Bonus Feature

Colors best instructionscolors hacksaw interfaceColors Hacksaw Play for fun
Fa Chai Super Color game

4. Fa Chai (FC) : Super Color Game

Fachai games are popular casino games brand in Asia. Super color game by Fachai. Is a must try game also, by having a simple gameplay and more on traditional game feeling in animated cartoon. It feels like you are also playing on a basic. Super Color game is the most easiest among the others because it is straight gameplay with no too much special features and it makes this game more enjoyable because it is easy to understand even for new players who have never tried this game. No need for expertise or skills its just a right guess, patience and limitations.

Traditional, Easy & Simple Gameplay

FC Super Color Game winSuper Color game winSuper Color game FC
Lucky Color Game JDB

5. JDB : Lucky Color Game

Lucky Color Game by JDB: It has the most relaxing ambiance compared to others by having a beach as a theme. It also has a low minimum betting size of PHP 1.00 - 50.00. Lucky Color game has a unique feature it has a "Lucky triple Color" which indicates the required dice color combinations to trigger the "Lucky Bonus Game" round. It also has Lucky Bonus paytable awards like grand, major, minor, and minimum. Play and get lucky at the Lucky Color game.

Low minimum bets & Lucky Bonus Feature

low minimum bets size jdbEarn Real Money by Playing Color Games at Philippine CasinosLucky Color game interface

Play Color Game the traditional way or Color Game Online?

Playing the game depends on how players feel. Color game is becoming trendy in the Philippines today.
It’s a classic game that went viral and extended online.
And now
played via Color game Live or in Color games in animation form.

Traditional color game in Perya, live games, and online animation type have the same game mechanics and have differences only in their special features or jackpot rounds.

Color game traditional: It’s more fun to play it at a small community event like Perya, where the excitement begins with the crowd. It’s just a seasonal game that chooses a place and time to enjoy.

With Color Game Online, players don’t have to wait for Perya to come; it’s available 24/7 online. It has a live game show or in animation type. Betting is now easier and more convenient. Plus you can earn real money playing color games online.

Both have an advantages and disadvantages in the gaming experience, but the decisions come down to players’ interests.

Online Color Game: How to Play, Players’ Guide & Tips  & Game Reviews 

Color Games review:

Uno1bet tries these games in any form. Whether it’s Traditional Color Games, Color Game Online Live or Animated Color Games, you’re matching your bets to the colors of the blocks. There’s no skill involved in this game since it’s just a right guess and by chance.
Based on our own research, the probability of winning is 0.46%.

Color game probability win

If you want just a great time play it for a short time, don’t play it for a long time. Play on your own limit though, when you play it live there is a little pressure to play more due to crowded support.

Color game peryaColor game in Philippines Peryahan

You should try to play in animation form if you already play traditional or online live like Casino Plus. It’s a different kind of experience. Some say Return to Player in animation mode is good and has a better (RTP) Return to Player, because it’s simple and the system shuffles the blocks.
Unlike live game shows, which are more extravagant and expensive, there’s a need for so much cost, so it could be a less average for benefits for tthe Return to Player (RTP), eventually its an enjoyable one!


How to Play Color Game Online?

  1. Find a reputable online casino that offers different color games. Milyon88 & Betso88 offer different color games from the following:

FC, R88, Kingmaker, Hacksaw & JDB.

  2. Be a member, and you can get a new member registration 100 free bonus. You can use the welcome bonus for other casino game genres such as slots & fishing games.

  3. Go to the “Other Games” section and you can find different Filipino preferred games like: Pusoy, Tongits, Bingo and Color games.

 Tips at Playing Color Game

  1. Once you have chosen the brand of color game you want. Make sure to read and review the game instructions.
(Pay out odds, Game features, bet sizes and etc.).

Kingmaker Color Game InstructionsEarn Real Money by Playing Color Games at Philippine CasinosEarn Real Money by Playing Color Games at Philippine Casinos

  2. Watch and observe before betting. Don’t place a bet first.

  3. If you are already familiar, then start with the lowest bet size only and feel the game first.

low minimum bets size jdb
  4. This game can bet on all 6 colors at the same time. You should place your bet but we recommend 3- 4 colors as the safest.

  5. Wagering on fewer colors is also advisable, as this allows you to adjust your strategy depending on the outcome.

  6. Always keep track of payouts and adjust your bets accordingly.

  7. Enjoy the game, but be mindful of your betting capacity only.

”Always remember, gamble responsibly”. Games are made for fun!


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